Christine Bloodworth announces run for Tucker City Council District 1 Post 2

Tucker, GA — Local nonprofit director Christine Bloodworth is running for Tucker City Council District 1, Post 2.

She currently serves as Director of the Omega Support Center. She’s lived in Tucker for 27 years, according to her campaign announcement.

“Bloodworth has a background in Public Administration and small business development. Bloodworth cofounded her nonprofit in March 2016 and assists other entrepreneurs to start up and establish for-profit and nonprofits,” her campaign announcement says. “In addition to the business services, a great deal of yearly planning  is on community development and outreach to help meet the needs of the community.”

She previously ran against and lost to councilmember William Rosenfeld, who passed away earlier this year. Her top issues are:

– Affordable housing

– Applicable and accessible resources to residents and small business owners

– A initiative-homeless task force

Her announcement says, “Tucker has grown past a sleepy small town, and the residents are seeking more than parks and recreation development. The diversity in culture lacks relatable representation, as the current administration has neglected enhancing public engagement on several occasions.”

The election is Nov. 2.

“People want and deserve elected officials who will speak up, show up, and develop a resolution. The whole point of being a public servant is to serve the public, as challenging as that may be at times. “Tucker is a wonderful place to live, but we need progressive measures within the community and representation.”

The candidates running this year are:

– Roger Orlando, candidate for District 1, Post 1

– Virginia Rece, candidate for District 1, Post 2

– Shawn Woods, candidate for District 1, Post 2

– Christine Bloodworth, candidate for District 1, Post 2

– Imani Barnes, candidate for District 2, Post 1

– Cara Schroeder, candidate for District 2, Post 1

– Thomas Walker, candidate for District 2, Post 1

– Neal Stubblefield, candidate for District 3, Post 1

– Robin Biro, candidate for Mayor

The seats on the ballot this year are:

– Mayor, post currently held by Frank Auman

– District 1 Post 1, currently held by Pat Soltys**

– District 2 Post 1, currently held by Matt Robbins*

– District 3 Post 1, currently held by Michelle Penkava*

– District 1, Post 2 is vacant and was held by the late Bill Rosenfeld

*These councilmembers are term limited and can’t run again

**These councilmembers are not seeking reelection

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