Tucker Observer is published online from DeKalb County, GA. We cover news about the cities of Tucker, Clarkston and Stone Mountain, GA. 

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This company was started with some basic ideas in mind:

– to promote responsible content creation, meaning that we will never ask our contributors to produce content for free.

– to create a site where our contributors will almost never hear the word “no” when they want to try something new. News should be interesting and innovative.

– a news product that strives to provide the same transparency we expect of our government.

– a news product that’s always accountable to its readers. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.

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Tucker Observer’s community standards 

Mission Statement 

At Tucker Observer and Decaturish it is important that our coverage recognizes and represents our diverse community. We will do our best to present factual information that represents multiple points of view. 

Community Standards

Tucker Observer follows the Code of Ethics set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists. 


Additionally, we hold that:

– Crime coverage should be centered in a place of neutrality. Race should only be used when relevant and coverage should prioritize threats to the community and should avoid reinforcing stereotypes.

– We recognize that content on the internet is always accessible. As such, crime stories should be followed through the court system until there is a resolution. 

– Clear conflicts of interest, situations involving the publisher’s financial interests or personal relationships will be acknowledged and another reporter will be assigned whenever possible. 

This website is not affiliated with any other private for-profit company. Opinions are those of the individual authors.

Dan Whisenhunt is the editor and publisher of Tucker Observer.com. He’s owned and operated Decaturish.com since 2013. Jeff Cochran is our director of advertising sales. This page will be updated soon with additional information about our contributors.